Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Health Programme

Jhyambe Mengang (Love Health) Clinic Centre

Jhyambe Mengang (Love Health) Clinic has been implemented from 2015 March but preparation was done in 2014. It was set up in Chepuwa VDC 3 Lingang village of Sankhuwasabha and run by NELHOS organisation. It has established as clinic with taken approval from District Health Office(DHO) Sankhuwasabha and financially supported by TEAM Wheaton USA. The aim of project is to provide primary health services for marginalized, ethnic Tibetan communities and other poor community who are staying in upper Arun belt in east northern part of Nepal. We hope to upgrade it as mission hospital and want to reach those vulnerable groups beyond the border.

Four local staff team members have been working in the clinic and led by management team operated by NELHOS organisation. The picture below is about during Clinic opening ceremony and begin to care patients.

Human resource is developing on 3 years Pharmacy course.

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